One thing about lawyers: we fight.

Let me explain.

Not too long ago, the Workers’ Compensation Board decided that if an injured worker hurt, say, their back and their leg in the same accident, and they were left with a permanent injury but they returned to work at full pay, they might not be entitled to an award for that final injury. You see, the Workers’ Compensation Board treats awards for permanent injury to the neck and back differently than it treats permanent injuries to extremities, like arms and legs.

Don’t ask.

Anyway, in many cases, injured workers do not receive a monetary award for permanent injuries to the spine unless they are not working, or are working but, due to the limitations of those injuries, are earning less money than they did before they got hurt.

For injuries to your arms and legs (or hands and feet), on the other hand, you can obtain an award even if you return to work and earn MORE money than before.

Now, it used to be the case that if an injured worker had an accidents involving her spine and her shoulder, they could get a monetary award for that shoulder even if they went back to work. But then the Workers’ Compensation Board changed that based on their interpretation of a judge’s ruling. This resulted in people with permanent injuries losing out on TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in benefits.

Well, we lawyers all thought the Board was wrong – and guess what! – we kept on fighting this decision and finally got it changed. Now you can get the money for injuries to your arms, legs and other extremities even if you also hurt your neck and back.

It’s bad enough to get hurt on the job. It’s tough to deal with the pain, the frustration, the loss of income and everything that goes along with it.

Now, at least people won’t go through it all without getting their rightful benefits.

It still might not be enough. But at least we were able to secure something for our injured clients. Because it’s just not right to suffer an injury on the job, have a permanent restriction and walk away with nothing. We wouldn’t let that happen.

Like I said, lawyers are fighters.